Crafty politicians use sophisticated software to manipulate voting districts to ensure they win!

Voting districts in Pennsylvania are among the nation's most distorted, all for partisan gain.

Here's Our Solution

Using a new program we have created a map with Congressional districts that are compact, minimize breaks in political subdivisions have exactly equal number populations + or - one person.

What is significant about the rules and this map is that they are:

  • Based on Article II Section 16 of the Pa Constitution, 1911 Reapportionment Act (same language for 3 rules) and the 1972 PA Congressional Map100% consistent with the PA Supreme Court's decisions in League of Women Voters

  • Can work in any state with any number of districts 

  • Create an objective standard for the Courts to detect political gerrymandering and reject partisan maps 

  • Likely to yield the lowest number of County splits (18) and the lowest number of political subdivision splits (17) 

  • Easy to use - 20 hours to create this map by hand and less than one hour using a redistricting program

  • A clean answer Justice Kennedy's plea for a neutral and objective legal standard that will end or severely limit partisan gerrymandering

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We're blazing the trail for many states with similar constitutional provisions.   
Gerrymandered districts in Pennsylvania affect the entire country.

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